23/8 Makerssessies @ De Nieuwe Vorst

We will be presenting a new installation at the MakersSessions in De Nieuwe Vorst! With morphing human images, breathing patterns and shape-shifting bodies.

In recent years we have already built up quite a photo, film and outfit archive. What happens if you ‘feed’ this to Artificial Intelligence programs? During the exhibition Hybrid Tales for Hybrid Times at MU Eindhoven, we investigated for the first time the (im)possibilities in the field of Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with designers @Lukas Völp and @Nicola Scheibe.
We held open studios in the MU exhibition where we created a hybrid experience between live performance and AI generated human images, outfits and patterns. Curious?

We will present our installation during the Maker Sessions on Wednesday 23 August in De Nieuwe Vorst. Drop by!

Photo: Bram Versteeg

Theaterroute NABIJ

Our living and working area Landpark Assisië enlivens this month with the annual Theater Route NABIJ. On May 13 and 14, we will join forces with Speels Collectief and EELT to create a beautiful, exciting theater route through the brand-newly constructed water retention area, complete with a downward spiraling groundwater bank and decking over the water. Wondering what all this means? Come have a look! On May 13 and 14, the route will start three times a day in which you will be able to see a part of our infinite duration version of Pan~// Catwalk. Buy your tickets here.