Zwermers (Swarmers) is a performance company from Tilburg under the artistic direction of Inez Wolters and Paul van de Waterlaat.  The company started in 2012 as Bouwjaar ’84 and built its own theatre, almost entirely constructed from recycled materials. In 2018 the theatre had to be broken down again and we consciously chose a mobile existence. The company’s name also changed into Zwermers.

Swarming refers to flying and landing at different locations in movable, but always coherent forms. This transition offers a great motivation and opportunity to literally leave the boundaries of the country and cross the oceans to get back home with new inspiration, experiences and performances.

The heart of the work of Zwermers is mankind and how it is continuously engaged to relate to his environment. Man enters into relationships with other people, animals, things, houses, visible and invisible systems. Often they make life more beautiful, easier, and sometimes-consciously or unconsciously-more difficult. The company constantly questions these relationships in her work.