Zwermers (swarmers) is a performance company based in Tilburg focussing on location based and interdisciplinary performances. We perform an average of 40 shows a year on several stages and festivals in The Netherlands. We played a few times in De Nieuwe Vorst in Tilburg, in de Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, four years in the pop-up performance program of Oerol and in 2019 on the Over het IJ festival in Amsterdam. In 2020 Pan~// Catwalk is booked for the main program of Oerol, het Limburg Festival and Theater op de Markt in Belgium.

Under the heading Pan~ (Ancient Greek for ‘everything’) we conduct a continuous artistic study on gender and identity and the normativity that is inseparable from these themes. We feel the need to embrace the social human being in all its guises. The result are performances situated somewhere between physical dance theatre, costume design, live music and installation art.