Looking forward to Istanbul

Last year we were supposed to play at Fringe Istanbul for the first time. This year we will make another attempt. The plan is to collaborate with local performers and develop a new version of Pan~// Catwalk incorporating both our cultures. We are talking to the embassy, the Fringe Festival and local partners there. Fingers Crossed and we’ll keep you posted!


You know what, we’ll also do a #flashbackfriday.
November 2020.
Pan ~ // Catwalk started in Inez and Paul’s wardrobe. That represents a certain perspective on the world. What if we broaden this perspective? With this question, we put together a 6-cast in a quest for diversity and set to work to create a version of Pan ~ // Catwalk with multiple performers. It was a great project with great people in which, in addition to clothing, the body also became important. Next stop: 20 performers. 😉

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