Walking Act 

Korpus is 7m high giant made of glass fiber tent poles. There are 7 puppet players that make him come alive. He is able to walk, bend, kneel, lie, dance, fly etc. He can also ‘ appear ‘ from different places (out of the water, from a tree, from behind a building, from a window, etc.). He can interact with the public, think of a hug, a dance or shaking hands. Korpus is suitable for outdoor performances and inside spacious buildings.

Custom made

Korpus can play a custom-made scene in addition to the standard walking act. The giant had for example a meeting with a mayor, did the starting shot for a running competition…  Korpus has also been the ring bearer on a wedding ceremony and a ‘ waste-eater ‘ on Paaspop 2017. 

Aerial Performance

Korpus plays together with a dancer, in an aerial duet accompanied by live music. The performance takes about 20 minutes, and can be extended or shortened in consultation. 


Korpus @ Paaspop 2017

Korpus @ Overpelt (PHOTOS: Adrian Ponce)

Korpus @ Duizel in the Park (PHOTOS: Ruben Habashi)