Pan~ // Catwalk

From worn out denim jacket to extravagant glitter dress. Our clothes are an expression of who we are, want to be, and sometimes have to be. Zwermers brings an ode to the colourfulness and versatility of mankind with 2 performers, a violin player and an endless line of outfits. What does this ‘second skin’ tell about us? Does man wear clothes or is man worn by clothes? You will be submerged in an infinite flow of outfit changes, supported by a one-man orchestra with violin and loop station, inspired by composers such as Hauschka and Philip Glass.

Pan~// Catwalk plays with the human inclination to label everything we see, the performance stimulates ànd undermines that urge. By continuously putting clothes on and taking them off, a summary of many types of ‘people’ is created. We do not judge these different characters, but show the fluidity of our identity by means of infinite outfit changes. This is supported by a one-man orchestra with violin and loop station.

Performers:  Wouter de Belder, Paul van de Waterlaat en Inez Wolters.

Dramatist: Loes Buenen. 

Supported by Makersfonds Tilburg and Theaters Tilburg. 

‘Pan~// Catwalk makes you wonder about how clothes express identity and proves that getting dressed and undressed can be sufficient to create fascinating theatre
 Oerol daily newspaper 2019
Tour dates:


20 September: Cultureel Lint, Weert

18 September – 22 November: Self Design Academy Expo, MU Eindhoven

21 – 27 September: Fringe Istanbul (digital edition) (TR)

3 – 4 September: Stadsfestival Zwolle (cancelled)

19 – 22 AugustFestival International  de Theatre de Rue, Aurillac (cancelled) (FR)

12 – 16 August: Limburgfestival (cancelled)

9 August: Afzender Boulevard, Den Bosch

6 – 9 August: Theater op de Markt, Hasselt (cancelled) (B)

27 – 29 July: Heimland festival, Diepenheim (cancelled)

12- 21 June: Oerol Festival, Terschelling (cancelled)

10 – 12 April: Gevleugelde Stad Ieper (cancelled) (B)

13 – 14 March: Theater an der Glocksee, Hannover (cancelled) (D)


19 September: première lange versie in Theaters Tilburg

9 en 11 August: Kaapstad Tilburg

10 August: Limburgfestival, Roermond

14 – 23 June:  Oerol Festival, Terschelling