Self Design Academy MU Artspace Eindhoven

Zwermers goes to … a museum!

From 18 September till 22 November Pan~// Catwalk will be part of the exhibition “Self Design Academy” , an expo in MU Eindhoven about how we can define, understand and design ourselves. Zwermers will create an installation that will result at certain times in a live performance. During the expo we will search for clothes that stand for the Eindhoven identity, which will be shown in a new performance towards the end of the expo. Check our schedule if you want to be present at one of the live performances.

Tickets for the opening at 18/9 are available via Facebook

Also, Zwermers will start making a collection of images in which we like to create an overview of as many people possible in all their appearances. If you want to be part of this collection, please visit MU and we will take your picture. More info @

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